I've been a graphic designer for 26 years, since I started freelancing for advertising agencies in the greater Hartford area in 1984. I began designing web pages in 1997 under the name Cyberdragon.

I've successfully completed a huge number of projects in those years, from logos & brochures to CD-ROMs & Flash presentations. My awards include the Print Regional Design Annual, Print's Best Logos Volume 2, the book Game Design and an award from the Connecticut Art Director's Club for my environmental graphics.

Graphic design is all about communication, getting your key message across to your target audience. Hire Cyberdragon for your next project and I can analyze your strategy, develop creative concepts to solve your marketing goal, and provide you with a beautifully designed piece to print, put on the web or distribute on CD.

Please review my list of services, my past & current client list, and my portfolio, all presented in this web site, to see how I can help you meet and exceed the goals you've set for your project.

If you'd like to discuss a project with me, please email me at cyberdragondigital@yahoo.com.

I look forward to working with you.

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